Teacup pug breed info

Teacup pug breed info


Health risks of Teacup pugs

Health threats of small Pug

Because of the tiny size of teacup pugs dogs they have lot of health issues rather than other types of dogs.

These puppies can’t live in high temperature whether and also hard to stay in cold environment as well. They are facing in to squash up nasal passages,also respiratory problems.

Pugs has lot of issues in there breathing. For the reason that of their squashed faces and shortened airways will cause to some breathing matters, wheezing and sniffing. This will getting worst in hot and cold weather.

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TeaCup Yorkie

Teacup Yorkie puppies are very popular type of breed. This doggy is a courageous and assertive dog plus lot of personality. They are very loving and easy-going with humans, but in case of kids and other animals they are not friendly. Teacup Yorkie puppies don’t wants to move with them.

They are okay to live in the city, in apartments, and without back yard. This breed dogs are an energetic, and also needs lots of play and exercise. This type alsowants training to reduce barking as well, so the dog owner have to commit themselves to this doggy.


Teacup Poodle

Doesn’t matter the size, this Poodle breed dogs are well-known as smartest dog in the world today. They are very flexible and they will act well in house.

Teacup poodles are easy to train dogs, so it’s great for first-time dog owners. But the Teacup Poodles needs regular grooming. Disadvantage of this breed is being flimsy and also having several health matters.


Teacup Beagle

Teacup Beagle breed puppies are friendly with both kids and pets. Besides relate to normal Beagles as well as best hunting dogs. Teacup Beagles also hunting characters and will required not to bark and not to hurt other animals. Puppies of this type are very active and frisky.
Beagles want lots of attention otherwise they will become ruinous.  Moreover these beagles are hard to train, they still exist popular teacup dog breeds with their winning behavior, attractive looks and optimistic conduct. If take care with exercise and suitable Beagle dog food, pet will live long.


Teacup Maltese

Teacup Maltese are uncommon, this type dogs are great watch dogs, because they don’t like outsiders.Teacup Maltese wants to train to limit their unnecessary barking habit. This breed is also identified to be calm and concentrating.This type of dogs are sensitive and need encouragement. Also they are energetic and likes to play.
This breed great for households with teenagers.


The TeaCup pugs is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. This dog is considered as a favorite pet due to its cute looks which differs in different actions . Male pugs are around 12 – 14 inches in height, while female pugs are 10 – 12 inches in height. Although they are the largest dogs in the toy breed category, they are still small in size.

Teacup pugs are not a separate breed. Teacup pugs are the result of breeding small pugs so that this genetic defect is carried on to produce even smaller pugs

The Real Information About Teacup Pugs


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